My friends call me blanner


Look what arrived this morning!!!

So I just had my first shake and I think adding this to my routine is doable. Yes, the taste and texture is a little rough going down, but if you’re used to health food supplements it’s not anything out of the ordinary. I was attempting to make more of a yummy shake with it, but that doesn’t seem possible unless you’re willing to add A LOT of calories and volume. I made mine with a cup of coconut milk and a cup of pineapple juice and the taste was okay.

Also, the serving scoop for this is absolutely ginormous and a serving is two scoops! You could cut it back to one scoop and still get a lot of nutrition.

I’m excited about this product because its raw and packed with vitamins, which is great because I hate taking vitamins. I’m also prone to anemia, so it’s nice that I can get all my iron in one go.

So hopefully this is a nice addition to my routine.